Social Media reporter experience
2nd December 2017
My experience as an Online Social Media Reporter for the 2017 African University Week
4th December 2017

AAU Golden Jubilee: My Exqusite Experience

Opportunities don’t just come at the doorstep everyday. But thanks to AAU, one came by, and what an experience it had been.

The honor of offering my service to the cause of a Pan-African entity, helping distant stakeholders come closer to the golden jubilee celebration was something I heard of and just clinged on, without regret.

An experience that brought me to take out my camera and roam around and capture how beautiful my mother Africa is like.

Then, the sharing thoughts and energies from fellow youth across the continent, maneuvering along cultural lines to bring together wide coverage for the event made it even more great.

I thank whoever made the whole experience a memorable one that upheld the integrity of the institution, from the financial section to the section that gave their online and physical presence.

As the days went by, fellow colleagues brought the fact files of institutions that I would never have known of. It was a blessing to get to know how diverse our continent is, from fellow innocent voices, distant from what the conventional media projects.

AAU brought a chance for a rare and undiluted voice to be heard, giving opportunities and experiences for the youth given that, they are the future of it all.

It does not matter for me, who the characters that spoke were, but what is of great interest to me are the subject matters that were handled.

From the quest to better the educational landscape of the continent to the enhancement of cooperation in a peaceful and conserved Africa greatly excited me and the recipients of the news feed.

My experience did not just bring the recipients of the online feed closer to African Universities’ state, but also to me.

However, in all the gloom of my engagement, I met my own periods of dismay which, though without great effect can be rectified.

Emails got to wrong hands, and so spamming characterized some periods of the campaign as some of my beloved sisters and brothers sought to pursue their justifiable ambitions with a free mailing list.

But all in all, the whole experience, was blissful, the experience was priceless, though, as every soldier would yearn for some sort of reward, a certificate received alone, wouldn’t be that bad for a recognition of our efforts.

For we meet, so shall we part, here is an end of another chapter, we meet in other endeavors as we seek to put Africa forward. I thank you.

  • Submitter Name: Beniah Munengwa

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