My experience as a social media reporter during the African universities week
6th December 2017
12th December 2017

My Experience as an Online Social Media Reporter for the 2017 African University Week

The African University Week has come and gone, but the memories are those that every involved individual will cherish for quite some time. Being my first time working as an SMR, I was skeptical at first about my duties as an SMR and whether I would be able to carry out the tasks required after going through the online materials (videos and articles) provided by AAU on Udacity. But the encouragement of my group leader and other group members (sheet 30) spurred me on. The group at first was awesome, we had about 7 of us out of the 11 originally allocared to my group including reporters from Ghana, Nigeria and Togo. Everyone was eager to start and the network and inter-connectivity was great as everyone introduced themselves with pictures, stated what was special about their country and described the educational sector and tertiary institutions in their respective countries. But I would love to do this again, but not in this same group. Why?

Well, it was a great start at first and them people started drifting away slowly including my group leader who would come online just occasionally and apologise and soon became irresponsive. It was asked during registration if the individual would love to be a leader, I wouldn’t know why anyone would decide to choose to be a leader without thinking of following it through, and I think AAU chose their leaders based on their availability at the event (On-Site reporters), this shouldn’t be, as some online reporters were even more active than the said on-site reporters.

Much cannot be said about the events that took place during the AAU week. The reason is very glaring. AAU promised an online coverage of the while event which wasn’t provided. But thanks to some hardworking and effective on-site reporters that kept us up-to-date on the event and the speakers. We were able to get excerpts from the event as it progressed as worked with that through out the event. The speakers were great but still, I feel bad about not letting us have a first hand experience of these wonderful people.
In all, it was a great event and I would gladly do this again. If these stated problems could be looked into, this would make for a greater event.

  • Submitter Name: Babalola Olatola

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