AAU Golden Jubilee: My Exqusite Experience
3rd December 2017
Online/ Onsite Social Media Reporter
4th December 2017

My experience as an Online Social Media Reporter for the 2017 African University Week

Being an Online Social Media Reporter (SMR) for the 2017 African University Week was a great experience to me once in a lifetime. The event was well organised, as trainings were given to selected SMR on how to keep in pace with the event whether on site or in remote areas by using power of social media.

Personally helped me to networking with number of SMR from different countries and exchanging ideas on number of subject matters through the SM platforms.
The “Higher Ed Spotlight” campaign with #BlackSchoolsMatter, #IAmAnAfricanStudent, #ProudlyAfricanStudent and other hashtags decided by SMR teams from 26th to 31st October, 2017 has awaken the Alumini, Current students, Professors and Universities to share the universities available in different countries in Africa. This made the world aware on the interesting facts about the African universities.

The #AfricaIsBeautiful campaign from 1st – 10th November, 2017 was interesting part for me. This campaign sensitized the all Africans to take pictures and share with the world to see the beauty of Africa they don’t see on TV.

During the events of Celebrating the African University Week from 21st to 24th November, 2017 in Accra, Ghana, I was able to get the highlights about the Executive Educational Technology Advice Forum and International Leadership Conference for Women in Higher Education. As my role of SMR, I used social media to share the interesting facts about the several institutions which had a chance to participate in workshops, advertise their institutions through exhibitions. As a woman, I was inspired and aspired to use social media to share highlights of the women who have broken barriers to achieve heights and influence in society.

As number of people using social media is increasing day after day due to advancement in Information and Technology infrastructures such as use of smartphones among all ages, many now are shifting from using BlogSpot and websites to user friendly mobile apps. Therefore, the African University Week Celebrations should think the same to reach larger number of people all over the word. This can be assigned task to team leaders to come up with the apps and hence make it easy sharing the information as a team instead of individuals. Moreover, this will stimulate and make use of Computer and Information Technologists in Africa. However, the time for SMR preparations activities and audience sensitization campaign should be extended to make people more aware about the event.

  • Submitter Name: AMINA AHMED

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