My Experience as an Online Social Media Reporter for the 2017 African University Week
10th December 2017
Social media for African Students
12th December 2017


As the Social Media Reporter for Association of African Universities, it was an amazing experience. It was not only an opportunity to meet and interact with other Africans from other countries but it was a time to learn, impact and socialise.

The activities kicked off on the 23rd October, 2017, where all the Social Media Reporters had to follow and like AAU pages and social media handles. The activities ended with the grand finale of the event. Someone may pause to ask “Why is 2017 African Universities Week a remarkable one?” This is because AAU celebrates 50 years of milestone. 50 years of ups and downs. 50 years of existence while embracing the good, the bad and the ugly.

Furthermore, with the lots of activities and tasks for Social Media Reporters, I was exposed to networking, interaction and Information sharing. I developed a wide range of network while working tenaciously to meet the goals. I equally learnt how to design tweet pictures and collaboration among team members as well as across team.

I applaud the team leaders but some failed in their responsibilities especially in communicating with their members while others seem toobusy. I suggest that in subsequent celebration, the team members should choose their leaders.

Working with Association of African Universities has given me a life time inestimable experience.

  • Submitter Name: Mercy Mma Agbagha

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