Social media for African Students
12th December 2017
Communication is Key
13th December 2017

It’s official – I was an Online Social Media Reporter!!!

When the call for application popped up on my twitter news feed, I was just rounding up my Masters programme, so I thought it would be nice to eStretch my already tight muscles (from months of tedious research work) a bit. I was so elated and grateful to be shortlisted and more amazed when I saw the complete number of shortlisted SMRs and I vowed to give it my all. This experience afforded me the opportunity to be more twitter savvy as I had to follow updates on a regular, almost hourly basis. The highlight for me was when I had to beg my coursemates to help take pictures for the ‘IAmAnAfricanStudent’ and ‘……. to be an Online SMR’ campaign and they were very eager to participate, and also asked to be informed of the upcoming ones. The resource training materials sent at the beginning of the event were also very educative, straightforward and enlightening. I also had an opportunity to learn about new schools and places in Africa. Generally, the experience whetted my quest to read more on social media reporting. And best of all, I made new friends and contacts, which has opened the door to a long lasting interpersonal relationship. I look forward to being an onsite social media reporter.

I’d love to recommend that collaborations with African Universities be more heightened and emphasised and the week be hosted by member countries so as to encourage more participation as most students were not aware of the event, likewise lecturers too.

  • Submitter Name: Oluwadamilola Fagade

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