My experience as an Online Social Media Reporter for the 2017 African University Week
4th December 2017
Social media reporter for the Africa University week
4th December 2017

Online/ Onsite Social Media Reporter

Celebrating African University Week is a great initiative or concept. It basically brings universities across Africa and enable young people in Africa to learn more about the universities and the genuineness of education.

During this celebration, not only did we looked back at the accomplishments that were attained in the last 50 years, but more were shared on different segments of leadership in education. More women were encouraged to take up leadership roles in the education segments, this was done so as to empower more young girls and women across Africa.

As a social media reporter, i learnt that I too need to take part in making an impact in my community in the educational level. Success is not about what you have accomplished, success is about whose life you have impacted and making a difference

  • Submitter Name: Lesego Gaetwesepe

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