12th December 2017
It’s official – I was an Online Social Media Reporter!!!
12th December 2017

Social media for African Students

My time as a social media reporter has been eye opening and challenging at the same time. I was a team leader working with youth from Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria. This meant that I had to coordinate different people. I was quite nervous about the whole experience as I was not sure how I would do this. However, I realise that a leader must always be open to challenges and therefore I took up the task.

I created a whatsapp group where I would communicate with the rest of the team. We introduced each other. I liked the fact that majority of them were willing to work with me despite us not knowing each other. We kept each other up to date and always reminded each other of the prescribed tasks. This meant that I had made new virtual friends where we tagged each other in photos especially on Facebook and twitter.

I am glad that I was able to create awareness on the importance of University Education in my own space. I was also able to read about other schools from what was being shared online. This being my first time, I am glad that I participated and would like to be part of it again next year.

  • Submitter Name: Cynthia Nafula Nyongesa

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