Side Events

The Association of African Universities invites interested institutions/organisations and individuals to convene side events relevant to higher education in Africa at the 14th AAU General Conference which is also the Golden Jubilee (50th Year Anniversary) of the Association.

 A side event is a meeting, exhibition or other event that is organized as a parallel event at the 14th AAU General Conference within agreed time period/ slots. The available time periods are either during the Conference at specific time periods, or pre and/or post conference.

Side event Funding arrangements

The side event conveners/ organisers will pay all costs related to the holding of the side event including participants, venue/meeting facilities, projector hire, teas/water

Please submit the concept note to  with copy to
All submissions will be responded to.

Alternate Side Events to Sponsor:

Sponsored Dinner:

  • US$15,000

Group Lunch

  • US$10,000

Poster Presentation/Booth @ Conference venue (5 – 8 June, 2017)

  • US$1,000 for commercial entities
  • US$750 for non-members universities
  • US$500 for AAU member universities

Poster presentation at AAU Secretariat (Wed. 7th June, 2017)

  • US$100

List of confirmed side events: