Professor Bertrand MBATCHI, of Gabonese nationality, married and father of three children, is the Secretary General of the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES) since August 1st 2011, for one renewable five-year term. Holder of a PhD in Biology and Plant Physiology as well as a State PhD in the same field, both from the University of Poitiers (France), lecturer at the rank of full professor, he served as Head of the Biology Department in the Faculty of Science at the University of Science and Technique of Masuku (USTM) in Franceville, in Gabon as of 1990 through 1991 and as the Vice-Chancellor of USTM, as of 1991 through 2006. As an academic, he authored and co-authored several scientific articles published in international newspapers. He also co-authored a genetic book published by Flammarion Editions. He is the Chairman of the scientific and educational Committee of USTM where he launched for 4 years, the first doctoral programs of this University. Adviser to the Gabonese Minister of Higher Education, then Secretary General of the Gabonese Ministry of Higher Education, he got at the Head of the CAMES in 2010, after chairing the General Assembly of Higher Education, Research and adequacy job training (EGERAFE) in 2010, in the Republic of Gabon. At the CAMES, he initiated lots of tasks that allow the Institution to have an ICT governance program called « Programme Silhouette ou Doublure virtuelle du CAMES », therefore establishing its very first strategic development plan of its History, which was validated by the Council of Ministers, in Cotonou in April 2013. This plan focuses on quality assurance of higher education. In October 2014, he organized in Gabon, the first round table of the Institution Technical and Financial Partners with a view to present the vision of the Institution and find out an alternative funding for the audit plan. Professor MBATCHI strongly believes in Higher Education as a sustainable emergence lever for African economies. In september 2016, he received an award from GUNI-Africa and AfriQAN for his imprtant contribution to the development of qaulity assurance in Africa.